Truck Race Organisation

Classement 2019

1.  Hahn 272
2.  Albacete 187
3.  Lacko 178
4.  Halm
 5.  Kiss 156
6.  Reinert
7.  Lenz 119
8.  Kursim 98
9.  Rodrigues J.
10.  Anderson
11.  Körber 28
12.  Recuenco
13.  Janes 21
14.  Janiec 19
15.  Gibbon 13
16.  Citignola 4
17.  Robineau 4
18.  Rodrigues E. 1

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2019 ETRC

25-26/05: Misano
22-23/06: Hungaroring
06-07/07: Slovakiaring
20-21/07: Nürburgring
31/08-01/09: Most
14-15/09: Zolder
28-29/09: Le Mans
05-06/10: Jarama

2019 France

18-19/05: Le Castellet
22-23/06: Nogaro
07-08/09: Charade
28-29/09: Le Mans
12-13/10: Albi

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Tyres order online

The distribution of all tyres by Goodyear Racing is carried out by TRO. All teams have to order the tyres 2 weeks in advance on the TRO official website. They will receive an invoice and they have to pay the tyres in advance into the bank account of Truck Race Organisation. logo-goodyear

The price of the tyres will be same as for everyone, 390 euros without VAT. The teams who have a VAT tax number must sign one attestation which states that the tyres will be used outside the territory of Luxembourg. The teams who haven't EU VAT number buy tyres with the Luxembourg VAT (17%), 456,30 euros with VAT.

The teams who have paid their bills will receive via mail or on the race track the number of coupons which corresponds to the number of the paid tires in advance. The tires wiyl be stored and transported to the circuits by TRO. All tyres will be mounted on rims on the tracks by the TRO staff.
Please note, tyres can be collected at the circuit only in exchange by a previously purchased coupon from TRO.