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2019 rankings

1.  Hahn 370
2.  Albacete 268
3.  Lacko 261
4.  Halm
 5.  Lenz 192
6.  Kiss
7.  Reinert 146
8.  Kursim 138
9.  Rodrigues J.
10.  Anderson
11.  Janes 30
12.  Körber
13.  Janiec 26
14.  Recuenco 25
15.  Gibbon 14
16.  Brereton 10
17.  Citignola 10
18.  Robineau 4
19.  Kleinnagelvoort 2
20.   Rodrigues E. 1
21.  Rodrigues EJ. 1

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2020 ETRC

25-26/04: Hungaroring
23-24/05: Misano
06-07/06: Slovakiaring
17-19/07: Nürburgring
29-30/08: Most
12-13/09: Zolder
26-27/09: Le Mans
03-04/10: Jarama

2020 France

16-17/05: Le Castellet
20-21/06: Nogaro
04-05/07: Magny-Cours
17-19/07: Nürburgring
05-06/09: Charade
26-27/09: Le Mans
17-18/10: Albi

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FIA Print E-mail

FIA - Paris 2016

The official launch event of the 2016 FIA European Truck Racing Championship took place the Thursday 17th, March in Paris.

In the presence of FIA President Jean Todt the new promoter presented their plans and news for the 2016 season.

Copyright: A. & W. Bartscher

2016 Team Hahn Racing Print E-mail


Countdown to the 2016 season: Team Hahn Racing and Team Reinert Adventure

For the Hahn family and the eponymous team, 2016 marks an exceptionally eventful 20 years in the sport. The planned celebrations are some way off, however; the full focus right now at the Hahn workshops in Egenhausen, a few kilometres away from Jochen Hahn’s hometown Altensteig, is on completing the new race trucks, or giving them the final touches.

’s own MAN racer is fully race-ready, the eye-catcher in its blue-and-white livery having broken cover at a toy fair in Nuremberg at the end of January. But René Reinert’s truck is still in bits and pieces all over - and don’t forget, Hahn Racing has traditionally owned a third truck as well, meant for PR- and trade fair appearances. Last year’s one, in which Steffi Halm was so successful in the second half of the season, has found a new owner in England. The race wins and podium finishes that Steffi was able to achieve are evidence that even Team Hahn’s No. 3 truck is really no show truck at all, but a mean race machine in its own right. Don’t be surprised if you come across this one on the track this coming season.

For Jochen Hahn personally, building race trucks is as important as racing them. A good 20 Hahn trucks – Mercedes and MAN – are still tearing up tarmac around Europe, and still winning. Last season, for example, four Hahn-built trucks took the top places in the Le Mans Saturday’s second race.
The primary goal for Jochen and his team is obviously to race his own truck - and win. The bantam from Altensteig may be an institution as a constructor, but with three consecutive European titles to his name he also occupies a position of preeminence in the ETRC gallery of champions.
Heinz-Werner Lenz and Steve Parrish were the only others to achieve this feat.
The Hahns’ next goal might well be to smash Parrish’s record of five European championships. To set the record straight, however, the multiplicity of classes in those years meant there could be up to three champions a season - it’s only since 2006 that the title has been awarded to only one driver.

For Team Hahn Racing it’s also not inconceivable that Lukas steps into the racing boots of his illustrious dad Jochen and grandpa Konny. Who knows, we could even see the three Hahn generations on the track in a single race, for truck racing is ageless, in more senses than one. Not so long ago there was a 17-year-old, Benedek Major, on the podium. There have also been racers on the wrong side of 60, like Noël Crozier.

But the decision to blood the juniormost Hahn is one that will be taken when it is taken; long before that the team will be celebrating its jubilee with an open day at its Egenhausen workshops on 17 July.

Copyright: A. & W. Bartscher

Truck for sale Print E-mail

For sale MAN Race Truck from team Lion Truck Racing

Data acquisition
Ready to race in european truck racing championship or national championship
ZF gearbox

There are 4 race trucks in the team and they can provide a lot of spare parts.

No engine included, for engine the Lion Truck Racing rent race engine to MAN factory every year.

Price: 65000 €


2016 Team Schwabentruck Print E-mail

Countdown to the 2016 season: Team Schwabentruck

Among the German teams, which as you might expect overwhelmingly race MANs and Mercedes, is the only team in the European championship that runs Ivecos - Schwabentruck from Ulm. Iveco trucks were built in Ulm from 1975 till 2012, when production was shifted to other European locations. Since then the Ulm site has concentrated exclusively on the manufacture of firefighting vehicles, bringing the Swabians full circle - it was with vehicles for the fire brigades that the history of truckmaking in Ulm first began in 1866, when Conrad Dietrich Magirus established Feuerwehr-Requisiten-Fabrik C.D. Magirus (C.D Magirus Factory for Firefighting Requisites). Following a chequered history the enterprise extant was taken over by Iveco 40 years ago, and trucks were series-built here till the last Stralis rolled off the line in August 2012. Since then the Iveco-Magirus brand has been reduced to simply Magirus as the factory builds firefighting vehicles on chassis of other manufacturers as well besides Iveco. The huge display hall is full of fire trucks with almost every badge on their grilles.

Nevertheless many former Iveco employees see the Schwabentruck team with Schorsch Glöckler at its core as their kindred. Several mechanics from tkv-Thermoking, in whose vicinity somewhat north of Ulm the race team is based, also feel a special bond to Schwabentruck.
Indeed, were it not for the enormous engagement of all these truck racing enthusiasts there would be no Schwabentruck Iveco Team.
Glöckler & Co are satisfied with their preparations for the coming season.
After all, in Gerd Körber they have not only one of the most successful, but also one of the most experienced race-truck pilots on board. Körber won the first of his three European titles as far back as 1991.

For the 2016 season Team Schwabentruck will take part in at least as many races as it did last year - and maybe one two more besides, team boss Glöckler lets on with a wink. In any case, the team has two fully race-ready trucks at its disposal. The choice of which races to participate in will depend on various factors, primarily the availability of finances and the time it will require for the team members, all of whom sacrifice a huge part of their leisure time for truck racing. Discussions about who can make themselves available for which events are still ongoing..

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Gearbox for sale

Lutz Bernau sells a new gear box: ZF 16 S 2520 TO    i= 13,80 - 0,84 (overdrive)

If you are interested: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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