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2017 Rankings

1.  Lacko 381
2.  Hahn 343
3.  Kiss 315
4.  Halm 298
 5.  Albacete 255
6.  Lenz 184
7.  Körber 153
8.  Vrsecky 150
9.  Kursim 88
10.  Rodrigues J. 70
11.  Smith 39
12.  Brereton 35
13.  Janiec 27
14.  Robineau T. 14
15.  Faas 8
16.  Draganovic A. 7
17.  Altenstrasser 5
18.  Rodrigues E. 5
19.  Gibbon 4
20.  Kleinnagelvoort 4
21.  Vojtisek 3
22.  Draganovic E. 2
23.  Robineau J. 1
24.  Téodosio 1

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2018 ETRC


26-27/05: Misano
16-17/06: Hungaroring
29-06/01-07: Nürburgring
14-15/07: Slovakiaring
01-02/09: Most
15-16/09: Zolder
29-30/09: Le Mans
06-07/10: Jarama

2018 France

19-20/05: Le Castellet
09-10/06: Nogaro
07-08/07: Magny-Cours
01-02/09: Charade
29-30/09: Le Mans
13-14/10: Albi

2017 BTRA

26/03 Brands Hatch
23/04 Pembrey
04/06 Thruxton
02/07 Nürburgring
23/07 Donington
10/09 Snetterton
14/10 Pembrey
05/11 Brands Hatch

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Truckracing - TRO - European Truck Racing Championship

India TRO Print E-mail

TRO goes to India

tro drivers india

 The 2017 truck racing season kicks off in less than two weeks. While the teams that compete in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship still have a couple of months to prepare, the race trucks are ready to roll on two other continents. In Brazil, the first of 10 rounds in the Fórmula Truck series will take place at the Velopark in Porto Alegre, while the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida near New Delhi hosts the fourth edition of Tata Motors’ T1 Prima Challenge.


For at least six years now the Truck Race Organisation (TRO) led by its president Fabien Calvet has sought opportunity to expand the geographic scope of TRO’s activities to India; a recent approach from India’s dominant truckmaker has finally resulted in a breakthrough that will see six of the most accomplished racers from the European championship compete in the T1 Prima Pro Class race against a selection of the British championship’s drivers.
The contingent TRO has put together represents the absolute top flight of European truck racing – Germans Steffi Halm and Gerd Körber, Spanish matador Antonio Albacete, Hungarian ace Norbert Kiss, Czech David Vršecký, and Thomas Robineau account for 10 European championships and four French titles between them.
Gerd Körber, who celebrates his 30th year in the sport this season, could never have dreamed that, 26 years after his first European title, he’d still be racing – and in India of all places!
But it’s not only India that the TRO is active in; Fabien Calvet has long nurtured close contacts in Brazil, and played a pivotal role in setting up truck racing championships in China and the USA. The Buggyra team is already engaged in the Chinese event, and Stuart Oliver (the T1 Prima champ in 2014 and 2015, incidentally) has also represented TRO as a guest participant in the ChampTruck series in the US. From the looks of things, it’s increasingly likely that groups of European racers will compete in growing numbers of events overseas.


tankpool 24 news Print E-mail

2017 tankpool 24 news 

Copyright photos: A. & W. Bartscher

As the start of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship draws ever nearer, preparations by the various teams accelerate to a frenetic pace. That’s the way it was with Mercedes-Benz team tankpool24 last year. There had been major changes at MB-Motorsport over the winter break, beginning with the hiring of one of the most experienced – and most successful – constructors in the sport in Stefan Honens, and followed anon by Markus Bauer’s surprise announcement that twice-champ Norbert Kiss would be joining the team. While this was doubtless a sensational catch, expectations both within and without shot sky-high – especially in the media and among the fans, and very likely the sponsors as well.
Two all-new trucks were readied in next to no time, and though the Mercedes only underwent their first shakedowns at the season-opener, the tankpool24 trucks were among the frontrunners from the word go. At the end of the season all expectations had been exceeded by a huge margin. That in turn has engendered even greater expectations for the coming season.
At the moment everything’s quite relaxed at the team’s base in Nürtingen, 35 km southeast of Stuttgart. While a number of chassis mods should result in significant handling improvements, the focus this year is clearly on engine development. The bulk of activity over the winter has been at the dynos – enhancing both high-end power and low-end torque. But it’s reliability that will probably be tankpool24’s topmost priority following its disastrous performance at Le Mans, when first André Kursim in first qualifying on Saturday, and then Norbert Kiss while comfortably in the lead the following day, suffered sudden, irreparable engine damage.

Schwabentruck news Print E-mail

2017 Schwabentruck news 

Copyright photos: A. & W. Bartscher

In 2017, Iveco-powered Team Schwabentruck will participate in its first full season in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship.
What started out eight years ago as a hobby enterprise – a clutch of truck racing enthusiasts inspired by Schorsch Glöckler, Iveco’s former head of training in Ulm – is now a top-flight competition outfit.
Its collaboration with Iveco has intensified in recent years, giving the team the confidence to set the bar several notches higher in 2017.
Thrice European champion Gerd Körber, a Schwabentruck regular ever since he first turned out for the team in the Mittelrhein Cup races at the 2010 Truck Grand Prix on the Nürburgring, has insisted he’s doing it simply for the joy of racing.
Indeed, that was the guiding principle for the entire team in its initial years – Glöckler had been a die-hard truckrace fan for over 25 years. With gathering successes the team set its goals progressively higher even as it grew ever more ambitious. Despite his own personal ambitions, however, Körber – an accomplished race truck constructor in his early career in the sport – wasn’t able to commit himself beyond what his duties as director of family-owned Bickel-Tec, a truck modification and bodybuilding enterprise in Rheinau-Helmlingen in southwestern Baden- Württemberg, would permit.
But the coming season is going to be Körber’s 30th, incentive enough for him to (once again) devote all his energies to the FIA ETRC. Add to that the new factory engagement by Iveco and the promising cooperation with Team Hahn Racing.
As we report this, the all-new Iveco Trucks are being built, one for Körber and another for defending quadruple-champ Jochen Hahn. The two compadres will also partner for the team championship.
At selected rounds they will be joined by Markus Altenstrasser in another Schwabentruck Iveco
All the chassis fabrication and painting of cabin and frame should be completed before the end of February. Final assembly and tuning will follow in March before the first shakedown tests in early April.
Everything’s been running to plan so far, but the Schwabentruck crew and their colleagues at Hahn Racing still have a fair bit of heavy lifting ahead of them.

Hahn news Print E-mail

Hahn news 2017

Copyright photos: A. & W. Bartscher

According to the Chinese zodiac, this weekend marks the beginning of the Year of the Rooster. Few in the truck racing community will be aware of something like this, or take it seriously even if they were.
If the Chinese astrological forecasts are to be believed, Jochen Hahn is going to be extremely difficult to beat in this Year of the Rooster. (Hahn is German for rooster.) That’s ostensibly because those born in a Year of the Tiger, as Jochen Hahn was, will “by their energy, courage, and abilities” become “leading personalities”.
Should Hahn succeed in defending his title, the bantam from Altensteig would draw level with five-times champion Steve Parrish.
On the other hand the forecast also warns against Icarian cockiness resulting from successes the previous year – you could have your wings melt off should you try to fly too high.
That’s not the only reason why Team Hahn Racing is putting no stock in the zodiac – the team’s constructors are hard at work as they’ve never been before, preparing three all-new Iveco Race Trucks from the ground up.
In addition they’ve also got the customer trucks to get ready for the new season. The workdays here last 12 hours and longer – and Sunday is the only day off.
Few teams in truck racing are anywhere as systematically organised and as professionally equipped as Team Hahn; yet even this seasoned outfit is at its limit.
The crew at the Egenhausen workshops are presently building the chassis; the new Iveco cabs have already been stripped out and reinforced with the regulation safety cages.

LTR news Print E-mail

The Lion Truck Racing team is working for 2017

Team Lion Truck Racing is presently preparing several race trucks for the 2017 season. But getting the French outfit to reveal anything definitive about its plans is nigh impossible. The driver decisions haven’t been finalised yet, and negotiations with sponsors are ongoing.
That the Lion Truck Racing workshops in Toulouse are (re)building at least three race trucks is no secret, but it’s possible a fourth could also be in the works.
One of the emphases will once again be the French national championship. Following last season’s final race in Albi the team had invited a number of drivers for exhaustive tests, but who’s going to be racing what – that’s something the folks in Toulouse and Lyon aren’t very forthcoming about.
Equally unclear is the exact extent of the team’s potential engagement in the European championship. It looks fairly certain, though, that we’ll be seeing at least one of the yellow trucks in action in the ETRC this season.
In any case the team has what it takes to be competitive at the top flight. After the 2011 season Patrick Folleas acquired the entire equipment of exiting Austrian Egon Allgäuer for his new Lion team. The lion mascot may be a carry-over, but it was the heraldic animal of Lyon, where Folleas’s BFT logistics enterprise is headquartered, that provided the original inspiration for the team’s name.
Folleas mixed it up right from the start in the Coupe de France Camions, going on to propel his German pilotess Steffi Halm to the title, making her the first female champion in French truck racing.
For the last couple of seasons Frenchman Anthony Janiec in an MAN has led the points hunt for Lion in the FIA ETRC while also taking part occasionally in individual races of the French series.
But even there, Lion Truck Racing has continued its dedicated engagement with Renault trucks.
The French are among the most flamboyantly – and professionally – presented teams in the paddock, upholding the Allgäuer tradition. Their large promotional semitrailer, a cosy meeting place for sponsors and supporters, is one of the biggest attractions at every circuit.

Copyright photos: Xavier Martin

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