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2015 Rankings

1.  N. Kiss 599
2.  A. Lacko 447
3.  J. Hahn 434
4.  D. Vrsecky 405
 5.  A. Albacete 385
6.  R. Reinert 278
7.  A. Janiec 191
8.  S. Halm 139
9.  G. Körber 124
10.  E. Lohr 109
11.  S. Lenz 28
12.  F. Vojtisek 23
13.  Kleinnagelvoort 15
14.  J. Robineau 13
15.  R. Rehfeld 12
   R. Smith 12
17.  J. Rodrigues 11
18.  E. Rodrigues 5
19.  Altenstrasser 4
20.  J. Teodosio 3
22. D. Felipe Plaza 2
 22.  P. Garcia 1

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2016 Calendar

01/05: Red Bull Ring
29/05: Misano
12/06: Nogaro
03/07: Nürburgring
28/08: Hungaroring
04/09: Most
18/09: Zolder
02/10: Jarama
09/10: Le Mans











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Tankpool 24 2016 Print E-mail

Countdown to the 2016 season: tankpool24 Truck Racing Team

It’s not only in the south of France that race trucks for the new season are being furiously worked on - southern Germany too is a hotbed of race truck development. The region is home base to tankpool24 Truck Racing, Truck Sport Lutz Bernau, Team Schwabentruck, Team Hahn Racing, and Reinert Racing, five teams all situated a short drive from one another. Not only does this proximity facilitate direct communication; the teams are also ever ready to share parts with one another. This isn’t only the case in the paddock during races, but also, indeed, in the run-up to the season - even if the individual teams are racing trucks of completely different makes. This kind of attitude and dealing is one of those many things that makes truck racing so special and distinguishes it from every other series.
The Mercedes team of MB Motorsport will have three tankpool24 race trucks this season. One is almost ready, there being not too many changes having had to be made to the truck that raced last season. The two others are completely new constructions from the ground up.
While the older of the three is primarily intended for display at exhibitions and other public relations activities, it could well be made available for guest drivers to race at some events. The two new trucks will be entered for the full season.
The only confirmed driver so far is André Kursim, a tankpool24 regular of the last couple of years. Who his teammate will be is far from decided yet, and team boss Markus Bauer is as neck-deep in negotiations with prospects as his mechanics are at work on the trucks.
In Stefan Honens the MB Motorsport team now has a highly accomplished chief engineer with almost 20 years of truck race experience. Having started out with Gerd Körber’s MAN team, he then worked with DAF and Mercedes before moving over to MAN 15 years ago and going on to win four championships in all with Stuart Oliver and Jochen Hahn. The native Westphalian’s yearning for a new challenge has led him back to the Star marque.
Bauer is convinced that the combination of the experience his team has gathered over the last few years and the knowledge of his high-profile recruit will put the tankpool24 Mercedes trucks more frequently in the front of the field this season than has been the case so far.

Copyright : A. & W. Bartscher

2016 Lion Truck Racing 2016 Print E-mail

Season preparations 2016: Lion Truck Racing

Lion Truck Racing Lion Truck Racing

Less than three months to the start of the 2016 truck racing season in Europe, we now look at the individual teams and where they’re at.
Like all the other participants in the European Truck Racing Championship, Lion Truck Racing from France is also neck-deep in preparations for the new season.

Last year Anthony Janiec and his team were the only full-season French participants. As we write this, chief engineer Pascal Calas and his merry men led by mechanics Nelson Flor and Mikael Derivaz are busy building several brand new race trucks in their workshops in Toulouse - not only MANs but, like they did in 2015, also a Renault. And as you might expect, they have a veritable warehouse of parts to draw from.

Team owner and truck race fanatic Patrick Folleas, boss of the large French logistics and transport company BFT, is amenable to racing in both the European championship and the French national championship, as in 2015. The exact allocation will be decided only just before the start of the season, because when it comes to his passion for truck racing, the successful businessman usually takes gut decisions on the spur of the moment.
Having the backing of his large business enterprise allows him extravagances such as being able to supplement the three-member core truck race team at any time with experienced and no less motorsport-mad employees from BFT, headquartered in Lyon.

The lion, the heraldic emblem of Lyon, is also the eponym of Folleas’ team, never mind that it is actually based in Toulouse. The heraldic animal of Toulouse, by the way, happens to be a lamb - not quite the right choice perhaps for a truck race outfit!

 Lion Truck Racing Lion Truck Racing

Team Hahn Racing 2016 Print E-mail

Back to the roots

Jochen Hahn - 2007 Jochen Hahn - 2016

 Team Hahn Racing is celebrating twentieth anniversary this year, on such occasions very often people wallow in nostalgia. But that's not the reason that the Hahn RaceTruck 2016 nearly looks like the truck almost 10 years ago. 

The contract between Hahn-Racing and the main sponsor, who coined the green-white appearance of the team in recent years, expired. The main color of the longtime companion and sponsor Knorr, is blue and it was obvious to tune the new design accordingly.

"Back to the roots", however, only applies to the colors - but not the brand. In Altensteig people were magnificently amused by the speculation on Facebook that Jochen Hahn will change the brand for 2016.
In fact, the truck, which had triggered this discussion, was a RaceTruck from Finland, which Jochen Hahn and his team have completely rebuilt - on behalf of a  customer.

Dakar 2016 Print E-mail

2016 trucks Dakar - Results

N°1 De Rooy - IVECO

N°2 Mardeev - KAMAZ

N°3 Villagra - IVECO

Photo Gregory Lenormand / DPPI Photo Gregory Lenormand / DPPI Photo Eric Vargiolu / DPPI


Pos Names Brend Time Gap Penalty
1 501  DE ROOY (NLD) TORRALLARDONA (ESP) RODEWALD (POL)  IVECO 44:42:03   00:02:00
2 500  MARDEEV (RUS) BELYAEV (RUS) SVISTUNOV (RUS)  KAMAZ 45:52:30 01:10:27  
3 514  VILLAGRA (ARG) PEREZ COMPANC (ARG) MEMI (ARG) IVECO  46:22:58 01:40:55  
4 506  STACEY (NLD) SERGE (BEL) VAN DER VAET (BEL) MAN 47:05:04 02:23:01 00:02:00
5 516  VAN GENUGTEN (NLD) VAN LIMPT (NLD) VAN EERD (NLD)  IVECO 47:13:02 02:30:59 00:04:00
6 529  DE BAAR (NLD) ROESINK (NLD) DE GRAAFF (NLD) RENAULT TRUCKS   47:46:10 03:04:07  
7 502  NIKOLAEV (RUS) YAKOVLEV (RUS) RYBAKOV (RUS)  KAMAZ 48:21:26 03:39:23  
8 533  VALTR (CZE) KALINA (CZE) STROSS (CZE)  TATRA 48:36:33 03:54:30 00:11:00
9 510  VERSLUIS (NLD) PRONK (NLD) KLEIN (DEU)  MAN 48:39:55 03:57:52 01:19:00
10 518  VILA ROCA (ESP) COLOME ROQUETA (ESP) TORRES SALA (ESP)  IVECO 49:37:07 04:55:04 00:05:00
11 515  ARDAVICHUS (KAZ) FALKOV (KAZ) SKROBANEK (CZE)  TATRA 49:43:09 05:01:06 00:04:00
12 537  VAN DEN HEUVEL (NLD) VAN OORT (NLD) KUIJPERS (NLD)  SCANIA 49:57:44 05:15:41  
13 519  SUGAWARA (JPN) SUGIURA (JPN)  HINO 50:32:31 05:50:28  
14 504  KARGINOV (RUS) MOKEEV (RUS) LEONOV (RUS)  KAMAZ 51:23:01 06:40:58 00:01:00
15 508  SOTNIKOV (RUS) DEVYATKIN (RUS) AKHMADEEV (RUS)  KAMAZ 51:27:45 06:45:42  
16 513  VRATNY (CZE) HOLAN (CZE) MISKOLCI (SVK)  TATRA 52:42:20 08:00:17  
17 505  KOLOMY (CZE) KILIAN (CZE) KILIAN (CZE)  TATRA 52:48:08 08:06:05 00:10:00
18 531 HUIGEVOORT (NLD) DONKERS (NLD) VAN ZUTVEN (NLD)  MAN 53:36:47 08:54:44 00:25:00
19 525  MACIK (CZE) TOMASEK (CZE) MRKVA (CZE) LIAZ 54:59:22 10:17:19 00:00:30
20 526  HOONDERT (NLD) HOEFNAGELS (NLD) GILLIS (NLD) DAF 57:12:01 12:29:58 01:11:00
21 517  ROTSAERT (BEL) DEN DOOVEN (BEL) CHRISTIAEN (BEL)  MAN 57:30:35 12:48:32 00:05:00
22 535  VAN WERVEN (NLD) ZUURMOND (NLD) KWAKKEL (NLD) DAF 59:18:59 14:36:56 00:04:00
23 522  SCHOONES (NLD) SCHOONES (NLD) VAN DER DONK (NLD) DAF 59:37:05 14:55:02 00:09:30
24 543  VERSTEIJNEN (NLD) VAN DER SANDE (NLD) VAN WEERDENBURG (NLD) DAF 60:08:04 15:26:01 00:03:00
25 541  VASILEUSKI (BLR) VIKHRENKA (BLR) NEVIAROVICH (BLR) MAZ 62:48:35 18:06:32 00:28:00
63:48:19 19:06:16 00:03:00
27 546  ESSERS (BEL) COONINX (BEL) LAUWERS (BEL)  MAN  64:21:39 19:39:36 01:02:00
28 527  GERMANO (ARG) GERMANO (ARG) POSE ROMERO (ARG)  MAN  64:32:27 19:50:24 00:02:00
29 538 BAEUERLE (DEU) ROBINEAU (FRA) BEIER (DEU)   IVECO  67:11:00 22:28:57  
30 523  JUVANTENY (ESP) CRIADO (ESP)  MAN  68:09:36 23:27:33 01:27:00
31 528  SUGAWARA (JPN) TAKAHASHI (JPN)  HINO  69:55:07 25:13:04 01:04:00
32 532  FRANK (NLD) GIJSBERT (NLD) HANS (NLD)  DAF 70:00:03 25:18:00 03:36:00
33 555  VERHEYDEN (BEL) BERRIMAN (ZAF) KEYSERS (BEL)  DAF 74:00:03 29:18:00 00:26:00
34 539  WIGMAN (NLD) EBBERS (NLD) DE GROOT (NLD)  GINAF  74:01:38 29:19:35 00:49:00
35 521  LLOVERA (AND) GOTLIB (BEL) MARTINEC (CZE)  TATRA 75:41:34 30:59:31 04:00:00
36 547  GARROUSTE (FRA) BERLINES (FRA) HERRERO (ESP)  DAF  75:56:18 31:14:15 10:02:30
37 556 OFFRINGA (NLD) DE BOIS (NLD) MERCEDES 79:14:52 34:32:49 04:11:00
38 542 VAN VELSEN (NLD) HAVERKAMP (NLD) SCHOTANUS (NLD) GINAF 82:51:49 38:09:46 05:55:00
39 558 GONZALEZ (FRA) SEGUIN (FRA) CAMPANA (FRA) MAN 86:22:08 41:40:05 05:11:00
40 554 RANDYSEK (CZE) ZABRANSKY (CZE) SÝKORA (SVK) MAN 87:15:31 42:33:28 07:35:00
41 549 SAUMET (FRA) RODRIGUEZ-O-MALLEY (ESP) PAILLARD (FRA) MAN 96:48:50 52:06:47 07:00:00



2016 Le Castellet Print E-mail

2016 Le Castellet

Take a look to the official video of the 2016 Le Castellet Trucks Grand Prix launch!


News and tickets:

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